Friday, May 2, 2008

TTS May 2nd 2008 Productions: Cinta Sang Arnab dan Transit

TTS Theatre 2008 was staged 2nd and 3rd May 2008. On May 2nd we staged Cinta Sang Arnab (my first play) and Transit (my latest play). This is the original version of Cinta Sang Arnab as was staged for Pekan Teater Kuala Lumpur 1991 (or was it 1992...hahah...old age is catching up!). CSA has gone numerous transformations since then. I am glad the TTS actors agreed upon the idea of staging it as it really deals with the issues of love and humanity and can really show the actor's potential in depicting their roles. When I wrote the script based on a Latin short story Teleco the Rabbit, all the four characters (2 male and 2 female) were designed for a competition to win awards.

"Aku masih ingat lagi ..." masa tu CSA1991 menang best actress, best supporting actress dan best director.

Now it's CSA2008. Watching it last nite in the audience I felt that TTS actors did a good job in delivering the most of the punch lines, even though at few instances showed that they themselves do not understand why they do it. But I think the audience really enjoyed it. Sadly the stage was too high for the audience to appreciate Arn's death scene.

Acting wise....hmmmm...

In the first few scenes, Aini's Wangi was in the right mood and was very natural. She was really enjoying the role. However, after coming back on stage with Arn's carrot juice, she just lost it and became Aini. Wonder what happened back stage then. Did she got beaten up by the stage crew or fellow actors? She tried desperately to bring up the character in the following scenes, nearly manages it but it just crumples back with the audience 'hating' Roy for his playboy attitude. It can be seen that she was trying desperately to be in control of the character. Her monologue could have been a scene grabber (is there such a word?) but it falls through. She could have worked more on the role as the audience did not know what to interpret. Neverthe less, she does have lots of potential even without the pisau belati (ooops...i'm not suppose to mention that!).

Arn....yes, Arn....hmmm....The audience love him and was with him along the way. They love to tease his "cuteness" and "eyes flickering" (wonder why he dares to do that!). The problem is he is too "OLD"!! I dont know. I just see an old rabbit jumping and trying to look cute. He does not look comfortable with his role despite his ease with the stage in earlier roles. Maybe it just need time to mold him into the talking animal.


It's been a while i stopped writing on this review and the actors from both plays are waiting to see my views on their performance. I've already said my views during the meeting the other day. Anyway....I think it's just worth mentioning some Cek Wang's character by Syafiq. Syafiq manages to keep the audience interest and did manage to get the audience to laugh at the cues. He did come out as a village fool! Hmm....from now on i will never look at tomatoes the same way again! Khairil could have done better with his Azman's role with more concentration. He however, can be seen enjoying his role Roy in CSA2008 more.

The ghosts in Transit could have been shot dead by the audience that night for coming on stage at the wrong time...3 times!!!

Tasya's Fati Ermi was wasted. She should have studied the character more. Such fun, such "elegant" role to show your metal. She could have reached more that that what she gave.

Overall, the first night show was entertaining with different messages to deliver. The audience loved it. ....i think!

Now comes the second night. I really have no comment! Well, except for Sabrina's role which again is just Sabrina. She did her best and it did work. The others should have been called in a line up and shot! Maybe then they know what is voice projection all about!

The END.

See you next time....

Bintulu 15th May 2008